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The Sony restore set, commonly called Sony recovery cd, is a Back-Up (BCRS) and is 100% compatible. Sony restore sets completely wipe all data from your hard drive and puts the information back onto the hard drive, thereby, setting the computer back to manufacturer settings. As the restore formats your hard-drive (HD), viruses, corrupted, missing or damaged files will be deleted and restored back to original settings during the restoration process.

You will use the product key that came with your pc when you purchased it once your finish your restore. For Windows 95 or 98, the product key sticker is on your pc's manual. For Windows 2000, Windows ME, XP or Vista, the sticker is located on the side of your pc tower or underneath your laptop. The restore replaces the operating system, drivers and pre-installed software as originally came on the machine.

The restore set for your Sony computer is comprised of 1-12 CD(s) and/or DVD(s). We recommend confirming the pre-installed Operating System by locating the product key sticker. The sticker will tell you the NAME of the Operating System that originally came on your pc. That is the Operating System you will select in the upcoming Operating System Option Selection Screen.

If you need to confirm your model, we recommend locating your pc's Model Number sticker.

For models manufactured before 2000, the sticker will be located underneath the laptop or on the back of the desktop case.

For Laptops manufactured after 2000, the model number will be found on a small label on the frame of the LCD screen, on the LCD hinge, or the the top left or right of the keyboard.

For Desktops manufactured after 2000, the sticker will be on the front of the computer.

Call us and we will be happy to assist you locate your model on your laptop or desktop.

If you need to learn How to restore Sony laptop to factory settings or your Sony desktop to factory settings, we will show you how. Visit our Typical Questions section by clicking above.

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